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 Prussian Blue

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PostSubject: Prussian Blue   Prussian Blue Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2007 12:10 pm

I love this song. Perfect compliment to "Mystery of Love" I think.

In the Bible certain colors have certain meaning and through observation we can gather what other colors have meaning and what that meaning might be as well.

Green is the grass that is green.
Black the night...the absence of light, ie, holiness is darkness or black represents sin and death.
Golden represents purity and holiness.
Red is the blood that is always to represent blood and the holiness of sacrifice.
Blue is an expression of eternity. Prussian Blue is a deep shade of blue and is the color chosen by mold/tool makers to lay out patterns on the metal to be formed into a useful tool/mold.

Pure is the Bride in white...again, white speaks of purity and holiness. Perfection.
Crimson robed...the Bride of Christ is cover in His holy blood and cleansed of all impurity through His sacrifice.
Purple bright...purple is the color of royalty. The Bride of Christ is Queen of the Universe.
Outside...growing rust...corruption, which never stops, decaying anything that stops long enough. A lesson to all that we are on a journey. Those who stop along the path are subject to the corruption of this world.

Vast are the sea and skies...going on forever it seems, and staring into a blue diamond there doesn't appear to be any end to it's depth. And anyone who has ever peered deeply into the blue eyes of love it is impossible to imagine any end...Blue goes on forever.

And so, the colors speak to Prussian Blue.
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Prussian Blue
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