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 You're the one

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PostSubject: You're the one   You're the one Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2007 12:13 pm

Verse 1
I feel the rush of blood, my heart is pounding, excitement is growing.
Faith has return to my soul, I’m happy again, Lord I’m happy again.
You’re the One, You can save me.

Verse 2
When I was young, life was a game.
Fate chose the rules with no one to blame.
Women have rocked me and money has rolled me
But You come to save me when I call Your name,
You’re the One, You can save my heart!

Verse 3
I walked the streets at night, so alone, so uptight…
In the dark I hunted love…….
Women playing make believe,
One nighters, how they deceive themselves and I
But You are gentle as a dove.
You’re the One, You took my worries away…..

Repeat Verse 3

You’re the One, You’re the One…You’re the One……..

Webster/Reeves Soli Deo Gloria/BMI
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You're the one
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