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 Far Cry

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PostSubject: Far Cry   Far Cry Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2007 12:12 pm

Verse 1
Do you know whatís really black or white,
Just because nobody says itís wrong, does that make it right?
And in the end whose got to pay?
Should we merely close our eyes? Watch our families waste away?
Why are we so afraid to cry?

ĎCause it is a far cry from Eden!
And what weíre seeing is wasting away!
ĎCause it is a far cry from Eden!
And what weíre seeing slips to decay!

Verse 2
Human clutter fills the city streets.
Only God himself can save them as they wallow in defeat.
To live on any change we spareÖ
Is there any reason why no one takes the time to care?
Well are we so afraid to try?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Donít you think itís time we had a change?
Put our selfishness aside, is love so out of range?
You know itís worth the price to pay.
Arenít you tired of the lies? Donít you want a better day?
Well then weíre gonna have to try!

Repeat Chorus
ĎCause it is a far cry, a far cry, and Iím crying for you!

Cry! Cry! Cry! A far cry!
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Far Cry
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